Parent Coach Young Children & Football

Sports are good and healthy for everyone

When practising sports young children are exercising and socially, sports have an added value as well. In addition, sports are also good for the self-confidence of children.

What’s the best age my child can start practising football?

Introduce them to a wide array of sports at a young age (under 6) . Let them discover what they really like and let them gain experience while playing. It will start with basic things like running, jumping, falling and throwing and kicking a ball. Do not force them to practise nor push them in the direction of a particular sport. Let them enjoy and allow them to discover what they really like.

The role of their parents

From the age of 6 children can play in a competition. Even then, It’s not so much about winning but rather about to the experience. From the age of ten they get more interested in winning or losing a game. Parents can play an important role in guiding them and dealing with this.

What we think

Extraordinary talent can now be detected and with special attention you can ensure that this talent is developed. At that stage the role of a good coach becomes increasingly important. Enjoying sports always prevails since that’s the basis for everything!

Choose the perfect Grassroots play, coaching or world Class Soccer Europe plan

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Frequently asked questions

The Dutch Football Federation (KNVB) and World Class Soccer Europe formed a partnership to create games with teams of equal strength, resulting in more excitement and fun for the players.

This idea comes from Garrett Buckley, Dave Kerr and Roland Holdinga, international coaches who put their coaching ideas together how to play fooball for all kids and not only for the best. We are not making any Steven Gerards & Dennis Bergkamp here… we decided to provide football on demand.

Training, coaching or refereeing is mostly learned by doing. For this reason, practical hands-on instruction is given to participants within their clubs. This is combined with online learning on a digital platform, offering people the chance to study and make their online assignments in their own time, at any moment of the day.

You are making the choice for your footbalmad kid but as a parent coach you automatically can decide to come in as well

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What does Our particpants say

"Coach Garrett taught us unbelievable things I have never ever heard before"
Hilary Leigh
Maghull Speed
"The coaches are class. My eldest daughter is looking forward to get their next game already "
Jennifer Lyons
Football parent U7 Girls FCFC
"The experimental part of this is the coolest part of working on this programm, as is the fact that we can make a real impact on how football is organized in the Netherlands.”"
Kevin Herron
Coach New Castle U8
"The context Dave was telling us in the Zoom meeting was very interesting. I immediately used this for my own team"
Brian Temple